Erix Premieres “GRAFFITI ON MY HEART” With Heartfelt and Personal Post To Fans!

Erix Premieres “GRAFFITI ON MY HEART” With Heartfelt and Personal Post To Fans!


March 1st, 2016


Today, in limited international territories, Ian premiered his 4 part music video film, “Graffitti On My Heart”. His personal message is copied below along with a link to watch the film!

so here it is guys….the exclusive premier of my 4 part music video film, “GRAFFITI ON MY HEART” (link in profile)….fyi, this is a super personal project for me….the songs i wrote and the stories im telling in each segment are based on my true life experiences and touch on topics like bullying, abuse, repression, hatred and even murder…..when u live through things like that, i think its pretty easy to lose yourself and sink into a deep dark black hole…..i dont know why, but from the time i was little, despite whatever hardships i might have had to face, i always had an innate sense that no matter what i got hit with, i had no choice but to brush it off and rise above somehow….. that’s not to say that i have the ability to let absolutely everything just totally roll off my back without leaving any scars…..certain things that ive been through have flattened me out for a minute and made me think “thats it, there’s just no coming back from this”….but ive learned you’ve gotta quickly find a way to pull urself up from the bootstraps and keep on keeping on……i wont ever let anybody break my spirit no matter how hard they may try……and thats really the main part of the message i hope viewers will take away from this film…..a lot of you may be going through relatable situations or worse and id be really happy if i could inspire anyone who might watch this to keep on dancing to the beat of their own drum with a smile on their face despite what people might do, think or say….if u make it all the way through to the finale of this short film, in part 4, “tomahawk”, ull see the formation of the MUTT ARMY and my rallying call for freethinkers, dream-chasers and misfit mindz…the time has come to scream for freedom…….you can graffiti on my heart but im never gonna tone it down!

i hope u enjoy! please like, share and comment on youtube and let me know what u think!!!

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