With his platform sneakers, multi-colored hair and trademark sunglasses, you won’t confuse Ian Erix with anybody else on the music scene right now. His eclectic style is a talking piece second to his music, which these days is perhaps best described as Pop with EDM and Pop-Punk influences.

Etenim cum illi in ipsis librorum, qui primus in international arcu catapulted Erix, et ascendit super caput distenti 20 et exposuit eum in plures online ludos million Top 10 super chartis 3 continentis agnoveris signature elementa vocis eius et illi quoque appretiaris musicum Erix flexa in evolutione processus Dum novus record omnium spe fervidus.

Interrogatus de musica unica orationis species accipiunt, Ian inquit "homines habere solent, sed non sum me omnes cibos qui titulus mihi. Sum must, Im omnes mixta!"Erix canens verba in ipsa" So Scene, Vide ergo, per ", an anthematic numerus eius 2010 EP that became a cult hit and spurred the creation of his fandom, the Mutt Army, a group of dedicated fans and freethinkers who identify with Ian and support him around the world via numerous global street teams. Slate for the summer of 2018, Ian remittemus eius expectetur novae album, tentatively titled “Scream For Freedom”, a record chocked plena infectiones cantus et unci featuring cogens, cogitatio exasperans est et saepe quirky lyrics. The new Erix probat materiam esse civitatem Elymaidem in songwriter in suo iure, et distinguitur a significant augmentum pro eo quod est artifex,. He pays homage to his pop/punk roots on his most recent musical effort but this time around he marries his signature guitar driven score with solid amounts of modern dance beats and synth elements to create a fantastically catchy electro punk pop hybrid that is sure to resonate loudly with his current fans and open up the floodgates to a legion of new recruits.

Questus initium artis Curabitur DJ / MC in iuventute extraordinarie 9, Erix quidem ordo consummativus est patrator, with a precocious DIY attitude that has served him well throughout a wild journey that has taken him from his humble childhood home in America to nearly every corner of the globe. Ride, dum ponit, ita ut per imagines an non valebat Erix, verum cum debita solvit quam aequa iactantiae suae musicae. Sicut scriptum legit fabulam iocos Saepe malus saponem Opera. A pre-teen Ian, with stars in his eyes, was abused and bullied by resentful family members and peers who seemed threatened by his individuality and persona. They continually told him he would never amount to anything and did their best to sabotag his early successes at every turn. Quamquam aspera naysayers, Erix continued to work full time as a DJ, Laudetur minimum unum de saeculi, and built a grassroots reputation. He started writing his own songs and took on the monumental task of making inroads in the music industry from the ground up without any inside connections. Aetate 14, he snagged his first management deal with the infamous boyband mogul, Louis Pearlman, which was followed up by his first record deal at age 15. Quamquam explentibus, signando somnium his contractibus, Erix was met with a continuing series of ambivalent time wasters and dishonest executives who took advantage of him. In tempore, a similar tale played out for Erix, super quod super iterum,, pro unus causa aut alio. He was faced with record label bankruptcies, Mauris sit amet paginis Horrendum mortem ipsius, money laundering schemes involving his former representatives and the murder and tragic loss of of two of his closest family members. Erix endured these tribulations plus many others too lengthy to list here and every time the rug was pulled out from underneath him, he adamantly refused to give up and continued to pursue his passion.

"Si tibi Straverat, facere quod iterum atque iterum atque iterum "Ian poignantly concinit" Tomahawk ", a ferociously catchy tune that was released off his 2016 EP titled “;Graffiti On My Heart”;. "Uh-oh, In quo fieri non potest ex hoc drama. Non sum qualis refer ad mama loqui tibi?"In hoc volumine Ian quirps onustos solemne enim et tantorum independentiam. "Id est velut a Canite Tomahawk", chorus prosequitur in infectiones, "Fac, quod vis,, et qui non vis esse quod vis dicere ", cum tangibili et ululavit affectus. Carmina sunt popularis argumentum Erix sed posse perfecte sive domi cantu se fert quasi sociali "Quid Northmanni?", another gripping anthematic track from his sophomore album that questioned current societal norms, aut si ipse indicat, plus a parte in tunes satirarum ut "Squeaky Clean", in quibus ipse ait "venalicium puritas anulis aureis", et pergit liberabunt milites ementiendi hamum "Disney stellae squeaky mundus est, et videbis unum è!!!"In" Souvenirs ", Erix sumit argumentum ex puerili parte et yronice canit repudii "Habendum et tenendum, ditiorem, pauperiorem, in aegritudine et sanitate, donec aliquod ex ordine est scriptor, Ego sed loquar tibi ... .DONE!!!". Ian non armamentum problema provocatorias quaestiones sicut religio, sex and inequality but he also loves to have fun and can certainly live it up as evident in songs like “;Shangri-La "; which was a huge tongue-in-cheek crowd-pleaser at radio and on the live circuit in 2016. In modulantibus "Crescite Down", nunquam crescit ad suum ode, Ian scriptor ludicra personalitatem quod interlucet Cantitans "Ego operor non postulo germinare. Vos oportet crescere down "! In “Sex Dance and Rock and Roll” his Top 10 2013 single, we see another side of him altogether when he sings about, bene, quid aliud? Sex, dance and rock &; roll!!!

Dicto proinde speciosus, et descripserunt in catalogo songs, Erix is currently working with mulit-platinum producers in the US and Europe to put the final touches on his new full length record. Aliquam et est materia defendit iuvenili ore cognoscitur distincte ut suum. Num usus faciat carmina maturus negotio LUCTUS, ecce tibi, qui carmina carminibus, quae subsultant et choro tibi, Erix patet a versatile molientesque artifex prospectu cum an interesting dicere et a universus sors. 2018 is expected to see the release of Ian’s long awaited new album via joint ventures with Misfit Mindz Entertainment, and Nordican Music Group under the Sony Music Entertainment banner. Ad novas suis dimittendis, the year should also see the launch of “;Gutta ';, an exclusive 10 episode series for VEVO TV starring Erix and featuring some of the hottest stars of EDM, culturae et pop musica ex frigidissima rerum orbem. Segments from the online series will also be seen in micro burst in between programming on MTV networks around the world. Superaddita, Ian est etiam animatum et repraesentativa in natura creata a novo video venatus developers aliquam eiusdem libertatis involvat, inclytorum Guitar Heros. Musicam substructio venatus musica tracks a novus pluma duo Erix et crucem-suggestus venatus expectatur dimitti pro Wii, Ludos Xbox et tempus est sed sapien systemata.

Post reditum ex Asia irent promo, where he appeared before the largest live crowd of his career in front of 2.5 Rio de Janeiro million populus a anno novo Eve, Ian nuntiatum est quod MTV Brazil amped usque ad plenam fledged global eu, et vere novo musica prurigo exire in via. MTV in several markets has already showcased some of Ian’s upcoming material and early support has also been coming in from some powerful taste-making DJ’s and key influences at radio around the world.

Ian’s music video for “Shangri-La”, a raucous clip filmed in hedonistic Sunny Beach, Bulgaria went live on YouTube and Vevo in limited European markets in 2015 racking up more than two million views to start. The super catchy, tune quidem ex centro est,, secundum Ian, “A crazy-fun party anthem and a reminder not to take life too seriously!” Erix told MTV recently that he wrote the lyrics after living through some terrible personal tragedies. He said, “The song’s a little over the top and maybe even a bit goofy but it helped me a lot to get into a whole other head space when I was writing it. Unfortunately, Didici arduum iter quod vita potest esse, quam asper anno et damnant, quod suus 'iustus denique laudibus ita egressi, cum haec et similia de viventibus quotidiana suus' feriatum in furiosum utopian paradisi, et ut nihil mali et evenit quod parum cesserit,, that was a great cathartic escape for me. We could all use a Shangri-La sometimes!” “;Shangri-la has been extremely well received at Top 40 radio in several markets already. An incarnation of the track topped the official charts in Scandinavia peaking at #3 in Finland when it was released on Universal Music in that region.

Following the success of “;Shangri-la”;, scripsit Erix, productus, co-directed and stars in “;Graffiti On My Heart”;, a 4 Duis ut video partem remittere praecessit albums aliquot carmina LP. The inspirational musical film was quite an ambitious and personal undertaking by Ian. The story-line depicts his life as a youngster as he was persecuted outrageously by abusive family members and townspeople and goes on to feature a reflection on the the tragic homicide of his grandfather and subsequent loss of his father along with Ian’;s battle to overcome these tragedies and fight the small mindedness and hatred he is faced with in order to rise against a repressive society.

Ian toured Europe extensively during the summer of 2015 with stops in 23 cities including a special appearance at Utlra Music Festival in Croatia. He has continued touring since playing 17 dates across UK with famed XFactor boyband Union J in February 2017. He also hosted the Paradise Int’;l Music Festival with Austin Mahone, Whiz Khalifa and Kanye West in the Phillipines that same year. More recently, Erix performed at the MTV pre-show for Justin Bieber’;s Purpose tour in Mumbai. In the summer of 2017, his latest single “;Footprints In The Sand”; hit #5 on the dance radio charts in Japan in and in December 2017, the song was named the official theme for New Year’;s 2018, in Dubai, UAE. Erix appeared at various events around UAE to promote the single at the end of the year and took part in a pre-show broadcast from the Katy Perry concert in Abu Dhabi on New Year’;s Eve.

Ian plena longitudo 's New Album, tentatively ttitled “Scream for Freedom”, cum necessarium sit plenum, cogitatio exasperans est, et magnus fun / musicos saepe quirky. As a proponent for freethinking, sui expressio et habens fun, Erix usque ad promovere a nuntius secundum ad coetus anti-fans ut Mutt Exercitus, mixtio de diversis gentibus, religiones, generum,, sexus,, unum pro amore, qui suis saeculis, et Sexualities Books, peace and individuality. Erix’;s upcoming single, ";Tomahawk”; which is featured in the epic finale of “;Graffiti On My Heart”; O te de vera et potens cantes omnino gratuita loqui ut multi adolescentium utique orbem terrarum.

A dynamic and enthralling performer, Erix is sure to win over a legion of new admirers when his music is introduced to wider audiences this year as he embarks on promotional tours across Japan, Southeast Asia, South America and Australia in late spring before a return to the USA and Europe in the summer.