Mutt Army


辞書には、雑種する用語を定義します; A dog of mixed or uncertain breed.

彼のanthematicカルトでは、単一のヒット, “So Scene, だから、「スルーを参照してください。, Ian Erix took the meaning of the word and made it his own, 皮肉たっぷりの歌詞をベルト類 , “I’M A MUTT, 私はすべての混同'M. 私はMUTT'M, SO WHAT, めちゃくちゃ!!!"

曲中, Erixは、世代を定義し、グループ社会に対してレールに進み、彼らは市場で商品を缶詰しているかのように人々を分類. “I have a lot of different sides to my personality and I have a lot of different characteristics that make me the person I am and I was tired of everyone always judging my book by it’;s cover and having pre-determined notions about me based on what I look like. 私は実際にこれらのラベルのいずれもで始まるないように、または時々私は1で、すべてのこれらのラベルをたくさんアムとき、彼らは常に特定のラベルと一緒に私をしこり. So when I thought about it, I realized if I had to give myself a label, then I could best be described as a mutt!!!"

明らかに, 若者の多くは、イアンが行う同じように感じる. 彼の歌はファンと大声で共鳴し、muttsの軍隊が誕生しました!!! The Mutt Army is made up of supporters of Ian Erix and they are part of a movement to share his message through music around the world. As a proponent for freethinking, 自己表現と楽しんで, Erix is a rebel with a cause and continues to promote anti-conformity and social responsibility to his followers who come from a mixture of different nationalities, 宗教, 競馬, 性別, ages and sexualities and unite under their love for music, peace and individuality.

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