Mutt Army

Apa Mutt a???

Kamus nemtokake istilah minangka mongrel a; A dog of mixed or uncertain breed.

Ing kultus anthematic kang hit single, “So Scene, Dadi Sange ", Ian Erix took the meaning of the word and made it his own, sarcastically menangaké lirik , “I’M A MUTT, Aku mas ALL MIXED UP. AKU A MUTT, SO WHAT, Ngaco munggah!!!"

Ing lagu, Erix nemtokake generasi lan dadi on dhisik Kanggo alur marang masyarakat sing kelompok lan Kategori wong kaya padha dikemas kaleng barang ing pasar. “I have a lot of different sides to my personality and I have a lot of different characteristics that make me the person I am and I was tired of everyone always judging my book by it’;s cover and having pre-determined notions about me based on what I look like. Padha tansah bongkahan kula bebarengan karo label tartamtu nalika aku bener ora ana sing labels kanggo miwiti nganggo utawa kadhangkala Aku akèh sing labels kabeh ing siji. So when I thought about it, I realized if I had to give myself a label, then I could best be described as a mutt!!!"

Ketoke, akèh wong enom aran cara sing padha Ian ora. Laguné resonated banter karo pembuangan lan tentara mutts lair!!! The Mutt Army is made up of supporters of Ian Erix and they are part of a movement to share his message through music around the world. As a proponent for freethinking, poto expression lan gadhah fun, Erix is a rebel with a cause and continues to promote anti-conformity and social responsibility to his followers who come from a mixture of different nationalities, agama, balapan, genders, ages and sexualities and unite under their love for music, peace and individuality.

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