We are the Official Street Team for Ian Erix. We are a mixture of different nationalities, religions, races, genders, ages and sexualities. We are a mixture of many different styles, many different personalities, many different cultures and many different ideas. We are mutts. Together, we are a movement. We are a MUTT ARMY and we are all SOLDIERS. We believe in freethinking, self expression and having fun. We our united under our love for music and our passion for all things Ian Erix!!!

Ja jūs vēlaties uzzināt vairāk par Ian Erix, klikšķiniet šeit. (Bet mēs esam guessing, ja jūs padarīja to tik tālu, jūs jau zināt, kas jums jāzina par Ian, lai jūs varētu ignorēt šo saiti!). To contact the awesome people who help run and manage this international street team, send an email to:

Ko mēs darām

Spread the word about Ian Erix throughout the world and universe! (So in the off chance that you come into contact with any Martians or other extra-terrestrial beings, you should let them know how much your into Ian Erix, it might just be the one thing to save you from becoming the unwilling subject of an alien experiment!).


Are you looking for the meaning of life? Sorry, joining this street team may not unlock all the mysteries of the world for you but it will get you exclusive access to Ian Erix news and information before anyone else on the planet. You’ll also get the chance to meet Ian and become part of his personal entourage when he visits your city on tour. Plus, you get to go on the road with Ian for a year and get paid a million dollars. Well, okay, that last sentence is not true….We can dream, can’t we?!!

Pievienoties Street Team




  • Free meet and greet passes for Ian Erix shows when he comes to your town.
  • Sense of pride in knowing that you helped Ian Erix succeed in his plan for world domination.
  • Up-to-date information on where in the world Ian Erix is.
  • Exclusive content.
  • Free Downloads.
  • Free Concert tickets for top street team leaders.
  • Other awesome gifts and prizes


If you want to join the Official Street Team for Ian Erix and become a Mutt Army Solider, use the sign up form above to enter your information or send a message via email with the subject line “Join the Mutt Army”and let us know your full name, contact details and which city, town and/or country you would like to represent. You should send the email to: NOTE : You can also create, promote and base your own street team, fan page, and/or group on any site you choose such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Buzznet, Bebo, Hi5 etc.


Nosūtīt e-pastu ar tematu "Atrodiet Team", lai and make sure to include the name of your city and country. We will get back to you as soon as possible with the information on the closest team to your location.

KO darīt vislabāk STREET KOMANDAS DO?

1. Like the official Ian Erix/Mutt Army page on Facebook.

2. Savienot ar Ian ERIX uz visiem saviem sociālo tīklu profiliem, piemēram, Facebook, Twitter, vīnogulājs, Instagram etc.

3. Pievienot Ian ERIX piederumus savam profilam. (baneri, bildes, video, savu iecienītāko Ian Erix dziesma, viņa vārds uz savu iecienītāko mūziku sarakstu, etc.etc.)

4. Send Tweets or post status messages on Facebook or share photos on Instagram saying how awesome he is or telling everyone to check him out and post when he is coming to a city near you.

5. Safasēti vismaz 1 (bet vēlams daudz) plakātu / skrejlapas ap pilsētu, lai veicinātu Ian Erix. Labākās vietas, lai to izdarītu, ir vietējās mūzikas vietās, centri vai atdzist apģērbu veikali, kafejnīcās, skolas, ziņojumu dēļi, utt.

6. Pastāstiet vismaz 3 of your friends to connect with Ian Erix on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Vine and/or on his other social network pages —; make sure they truly enjoy his sound. If you really wanna go the distance, nekautrējieties pateikt visiem saviem draugiem, lai pievienotu Ian. Un hey, justies brīvi, lai pastāstītu cilvēkiem, kuri nav jūsu draugi pārāk, ja jūs domājat, ka tie var būt, piemēram, Ian.

7. Skatīties Ian ERIX jaunos video par YouTube un repost video visiem saviem draugiem, un palūdziet, lai noskatītos.

8. Add Ian Erix music to your iPod or other Mp3 player and grab your friend’;s favorite listening device and add Ian’s music onto their playlist too! You can download songs from iTunes, Amazon or directly from Ian Erix’s websites and soon you can pre-order his new album from

9. If Ian Erix comes to your town or a city nearby to play a show or shoot his TV series, go to the venue and let security know you are a Street Leader so they can set you up with some sweet perks. And if you’re super lucky, jūs pat varētu nokļūt pakārt ar Ian pirms šovs!!!

10.Rock dažus Ian ERIX preces kā vēsā tee vai pelēkā vārna, un, kad visi komplimentus jums jūsu apģērbs, let them know about Ian Erix. Awesome new merch will be available soon at

Izvēles Bonus:

11. Carve or draw the “;iXe”; logo un vārdus "Check Out Ian ERIX" uz jebkuru ievilkums-spējīgs / ierakstāmā virsmām, piemēram, jūsu rakstāmgalda skolā vai mitru cementu uz nesen bruģēts trotuārs.

12. Write “I LOVE Ian Erix!"Melnu sharpie marķieri visā jūsu kailo ķermeni un švīka caur liels pūlis pie Mall vai skolas vākšana.

13. Izteikt dažus tūkstošus Ian ERIX skrejlapas un pārliecināt vietējo helikoptera pilotam lidot pār savu dzīvākajā pilsētas centra zonā un nometiet skrejlapas leju pie maksimuma laikā.

14. Saņemiet megafons un sākt dziesmām "Ian Erix" ārpus koncerti, radiostacijas, piešķiršanas izstādes un TV tīkli, kur Ian Erix nav spēlē, bet vajadzētu būt.

15. Iegūt pagaidu tetovējums ar nosaukumu "Ian ERIX" uz jūsu pieres, un īsziņu priekšstatu par sevi attēlot savu jauno tat uz visiem kontaktiem jūsu mobilā tālruņa adrešu grāmatā. *Piezīme: Street Team activities should be conducted at the sole discretion of each individual street team member. Use good judgment because even though Ian Erix will love you for it, iespējams, viņš mums nevarēs nākt un glābt jūs no cietumā vai maksāt par noņemot jebkuru pastāvīgo body art.


Kas vada šo ielu komandu?

Fellow Ian Erix fans such as yourself with some help from a publicist or two at Ian Erix’s management company.

Can I contact Ian Erix through here?

We will try to pass along any information, fan art or praise you may have for Ian, but if you want to directly contact him and maybe even receive a response, leaving a comment or sending him a message on Facebook or Twitter is probably the best way to go.

What is a Street Team?

A street team is made up of a group of fans of a particular band or artist, in this case, Ian Erix, , kas palīdz veicināt un pakļaut tos plašākai auditorijai laikā savā pilsētā, city, state or country. This can be achieved by distributing flyers for an upcoming show, sazinoties ar TV un radio stacijas, un pieprasot Ian Erix, getting local music magazines to review his music…; utt.

Vai jums ir e-Team?

Yup. Mēs pull dubultu nodokli kā e-komandas, un gaidīt, visiem dalībniekiem, lai veicinātu Ian ERIX online. Jūs varat palīdzēt, izvietojot baneri, biļetens, mūzikas atskaņotāju uz savu sociālo tīklu profila, utt. Also, , apmeklējot mūzikas forumos, tērzētavās, Pievienojot Ian ERIX liriski vai ikonas jūsu IM programmu vai forumu un e-parakstu, izsūtot Ian ERIX saistītās saites ar draugiem, e-kartiņas utt izplata. Iespējas ir bezgalīgas. Esi radošs, bet atcerieties, neviens patīk surogātpasta izplatītāja.

Tas maksā kaut ko, lai kļūtu locekli Street komandas?

Nē, nekas! Dalība ir pilnīgi bez maksas! Vienīgais, tas maksās jums ir mazliet sava laika un ziedošanos.

Mana pilsēta / apgabals / valstij jau ir ielas komanda. Vai es joprojām pievienoties?

Absolutely. We need all the support we can get. We’ll introduce you to the other street team leader/s and you can share the fun of promoting Ian Erix in your town.

Are you still not sure what to do to promote? Here are some suggestions!

  • You can start by telling your friends to check out Ian Erix and then go from there. Word of mouth promotion is still a great source to get people to listen to Ian’s music.
  • Post on Ian’s social network page and in music forums or on any Ian Erix related pages and/or in any other groups or profiles to inform people you have created a team for your area. Or otherwise, simply post about the awesomeness that is Ian Erix on your social network and page and/or any other social network page, group or blog you may have and post in any other online forum.
  • Watch his music videos on YouTube and post the links for your friends to see. Tell your friends to watch his videos, subscribe to his YouTube page, follow him on Twitter, Instagram, Vine and/or like his official Facebook page!
  • Jūs varat arī meklēt, izmantojot savu sociālo tīklu cilvēkiem jūsu valsts / apgabala / pilsētas un draugu lūgt tos, ja jūs domājat, ka tie varētu izbraukšana Ian Erix un pievienoties savu ielu komandai.
  • Izdrukāt dažas skrejlapas un lūgt mūzikas veikalos, apģērbu veikali, kafejnīcās, vai vietējās mūzikas vietās, ja jūs varat atstāt dažas tur, lai citi varētu ņemt. Vai lūgt tos, ja varat nosūtīt flaijeri savā veikalā. Most places have bulletins boards (I.E. skolas, laundry places, utt) so you can post them up there too. Don ';t waste your flyers, choose where to post them or hand them out carefully. Use your good old common sense!

Can I contact you for further information or to ask a question? Sure! Just send us an email at and we will try to respond as quickly as possible. But if we are very busy listening to Ian Erix music, watching his videos or carving his face into the side of Mount Rushmore, we might take a little longer to get back to you!